Smart Tower fan, 6 speeds, 55W


DELTACO SMART HOME Tower fan, oscillating, 3 fan modes, 6 speed settings, black

SH-FT01 is a smart tower fan with space-saving design as well as 3 fan modes and a full 6 speed settings. With built-in timer function you can make sure that the fan is on / off according to a preset schedule, perfect for cooling down the bedroom before bedtime. Control the tower fan via the control panel which is equipped with an LED display, the supplied remote control or conveniently via the DELTACO SMART HOME app.

With the DELTACO SMART HOME app you take care of all the handling of the tower fan. The installation goes very quickly and smoothly through your wireless network, ie. no special hubs or gateways. In the app, in addition to turning on or off the tower fan, you can also set a timer if you want the fan to turn off after a certain time. Alternatively, you can schedule specific times when it should be turned on or off. The DELTACO SMART HOME app also offers the ability to control the fan’s various features such as fan modes, speed settings and oscillation mode. The DELTACO SMART HOME app is of course available for free download for both Android and iOS.

The SH-FT01 can also be paired and voice-controlled together with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to easily integrate and become a part of the smart home.

• 55 W motor
• 3 wind positions
• 12 hours off / on hours
• 6 speed settings
• Swings (oscillates) at a wide angle up to 60 °

Product weight: 5.1 kg
Product dimensions: (WxDxH) 280 x 280 x 1320 mm

The package contains: Tower fan, remote control and manual.

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Smart Tower fan, 6 speeds, 55W

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SKU SH-FT01 Kategori Tag
Vekt 4.8 kg
Dimensjoner 21 × 24.5 × 123.5 cm



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