Verbatm PinStripe 64GB USB 3.0 Drive


Verbatim PinStripe USB 3.0 memory, 64GB, Retractable, USB-A male, Keyring hole, black

Since more and more data is created and passed around every day Verbatim has now upgraded their most used USB unit to a more modern one. With PinStripe USB 3.0 you get faster data transfer speeds and bigger volumes which decreases loading times and gives you more time for creativity.

The PinStripe USB memory from Verbatim as a «press-and-drag-slidefunction» that protects the male contact when not used. No more loose contact protectors that easily gets misplaced. The USB 3.0 version of PinStripe is lightweight and has an updated pinstripe design and comes in all sizes and suits all your needs.

• USB 3.0
• Retractable USB-A male contact

Supports: Windows 7/8(should work in Windows 10 but not confirmed from manufacturer), Linux 2.4.0 or higher, Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

Dimensions(WxDxH): 55x19x7mm
Weight: ca 7g

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