PowerWalker VI 600 SW, 2x Schuko outlets, 600VA,no fan, 0,60 OPF,black

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PowerWalker VI 600 SW, 2x Schuko outlets, 600VA, no fan, 0,60 OPF, black

With its digitalized PWM-based controller PowerWalker VI SW provides a pure sine wave output especially best suitable to protect modern PC like mini servers, gaming PC, point of sale (POS) systems and other electronic devices with APFC power supplies. Not only limited to APFC power supplies and equipped with a voltage stabilizer, this UPS will continue providing clean and stable power to connected equipment and is perfect for any home or small and medium office application.

• 2x Schuko outlets
• USB Communication
• Surge Filter for phone line and modem
• Automatic Voltage Regulator with Pure Sine Wave output
• Pure Sine Wave for wide range of applications and harsh environment

Dimensions (WxDxH): 100x328x145 mm

Weight: 5,2 kg

Package Contents: UPS, Manual, Software CD, USB Cable, Input Power Cable, IEC Cable

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