PowerWalker VI 3000 SCL 3000VA / 1800W

kr 2606,40

PowerWalker VI 3000 SCL, line interactive UPS, black

The PowerWalker VI 600-3000 SCL series offers a simple yet effective solution for PCs and other home applications. It is available with Type F (CEE 7/3), Type E (CEE 7/5) and Type G (BS 1363) outlets and features a microprocessor-controlled Automatic Voltage Regulator, which stabilizes voltage within a safe limit by switching to boost and buck modes. The series offers convenient touch panel which allows to scroll through most useful monitored parameters.

All UPSs in this series can be turned on directly from battery (cold start function) and internal batteries can be charged in standby mode. This model comes with a USB port with HID support and can be monitored and controlled using the PowerWalker ViewPower software (available for download from our website) or directly using O/S’ native drivers thanks to HID. To offer the best price-performance and to reduce environmental impact we provide the UPS without Software CD and USB cable.

• Reliable and economic line-interactive series
• Compact size and high performance for home usage
• Reduced Environmental Impact: no CD, no USB cable in the box
• Comprehensive display allows easy monitoring and access of UPS status
• Human Interface Device (HID) compatible USB connection (no additional drivers needed)

Dimensions: (WxDxH) 146 x 397 x 205 mm

Weight: 11.5 kg

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