PowerWalker AS/400 Card 3 for VFI1000RT-10000RT

kr 1180,80

PowerWalker AS400 Card 3, for remote shutdowns, monitors UPS failure/Alarm/Main Fail/Bypass/Battery Low and UPS On

AS/400 Cards provide clean dry contacts for remote shutdown and monitoring of a UPS. It is frequently used along with PLCs and signal control panels. Information delivered are UPS failure, Alarm, Main Fail, Bypass, Battery Low, UPS On.

Using AS/400 it possible to shutdown UPS remotely, this solution requires external 12V/24VDC source for a high signal.

Pin assignment is available in User’s Manual.- AS/400 Card for: VFI 1000T/2000T/3000T/6000T/10000T LCD VFI 1000RT/1500RT/2000RT/3000RT LCD VFI 6000P/RT, 10000P/RT LCD VFI 10000TCP 3/1, VFI 10000TP 3/1, VFI 20000TP 3/1

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