Nexa set 2x Plug-in mottagare & Fjärrkontroll, på/av MYCR-2


NEXA MYCR-2: Set with 2 plug-in & remote control, System Nexa 433.92MHz, 30m range, white

Two plug-in receivers with remote control. On / Off button is also available on the receiver. The system can be expanded with various different receivers, such as twilight relays and motion guards. The remote control can also be used to control other receivers in System Nexa. The system is self-learning which gives a very simple and flexible installation and full compatibility with other products in System Nexa.

• On / Off button on the receiver
• Smart Mode on the plug-in receivers
• Remote control with 16 channels (not Smart Mode compatible)
• Easy installation
• Up to 30 meters range
• Compatible with Nexa Bridge

Smart Mode compatible: With devices that support «Smart Mode» you can save up to 3 different favorite scenarios that are easily activated with a Nexa «Smart Mode» transmitter / remote control. Read more about Smart Mode here

Radio protocol / frequency System Nexa / 433.92 MHz
Range Up to 30 meters
Max load 3500W (resistive load)
Number of memory locations 32 pcs
Power consumption at standby less than 1 W
Power source remote control: 1xCR2032

Dimensions Plug-in receiver (WxDxH): 53x53x58mm
Dimensions Remote control (WxDxH): 110x37x15mm

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