Mikrotik GPER Gigabit Passive Ethernet Repeater

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Mikrotik GPeR Gigabit Passive Ethernet Repeater, 100-150m, Cat6, Passive PoE, black

This GPeR (Gigabit Passive Ethernet Repeater) unit allows to extend Ethernet cable by additional hop (< 100 - 150 m to regular network devices, and up to 210 m to another GPeR unit) up to 1,500 m.

Maximium allowed length of CAT6 Ethernet cable between GPeR and power source/router is up to 100 m (depending on cable quality, high quality – up to 150 m).

• 100-150m Range between GPeR and device
• Passive PoE passthrough (can be disabled)
• Cat6 Ethernet (Cat5e compatible but shorter range)
• Up to 210m range to another GPeR unit (1500m total)

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