LDR-230, receiver for analogue 1-10V control, white


NEXA LDR-230, Receiver for 1-10V analogue control, Compatible with System Nexa, 6 memory spots, 433.92MHz, white

1-10V is an analogue control that is used by most LED drivers on the market today. LDR-230 kan connect to your LED drivers and with that higher loads can be controller synchronized. Even some EC-motors within ventilations are controlled with 1-10V. LDR-230 can then be used to regulate air speed/flow. LDR-230 has dual power terminals so that it’s easier to go forth with fase/0 to load. LDR-230 is compatible with all transmitters in System Nexa and Nexa Bride.

• Operating Voltage: 220-240V 50Hz
• Frequency: 433.2MHz
• Memory slots: 6stycken

Dimensions(WxDxH): 42x25x98mm

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