DELTACO screen protector, Galaxy A70, 2.5D full coverage glass

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DELTACO screen protector for Samsung A70, support for the display fingerprint reader, 2.5D full coverage tempered glass

2.5D full coverage glass screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy A70. With this screen protector you have the same touch feel on the screen as if you had no protector at all. Should the accident occur, the screen protector will take the hit and leave your display in one piece.
The screen protector is also designed to withstand dirt and scratches. Please note that this screen protector also works with the optical in-display fingerprint reader!

• 2.5D curved
• Tempered full coverage glass
• For Samsung Galaxy A70
• Works with the optical in-display fingerprint reader
• Adhesive: Full screen
• Hardness: 9H

Package includes: Screen protector, wipe, cleaning cloth and dust removal sticker

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