DELTACO case in silicone for 9-11,6″ tablets, stand, black


DELTACO Case in silicone for 9-11,6″ tablets, tripods, black

A durable soft case for 9-11,6″, made of silicone rubber. The reinforced edges absorb drop and fall damage and protect the tablet from hard bumps. Should the tabletop fall first, the raised sides will keep the screen protected from damage.

The easy-to-use stand on the back allows you to tilt your tabletop for movies and slideshows, or lying on a table to form a writing and drawing rack with two adjustable angles.

• Stand with two angles
• Flexible silicone rubber
• Enhanced edges and raised sides
• For most tablets between 9-11,6″
• Thickness for corner parts: 19.8 mm

Dimensions (WxDxH): 175 x 10 x 250 mm
Weight: 143 g

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