Cherry KC 6000 SLIM FOR MAC, US layout


CHERRY KC 6000 Slim For MAC, 1.8m cable, US Layout, silver

The corded KC 6000 SLIM FOR MAC is the streamlined keyboard alternative for avid writers using Mac! The chiclet design keyboard has 12 functions that make it easy to use on your Mac every day. Frequently used functions (such as screen lock, screen brightness, mission control and media control) can be accessed with a single keystroke. Compact dimensions leave enough space on your desk for other equipment. The scissor mechanism is practically silent and provides an excellent typing experience and a long service life. The numeric keypad means the keyboard is well prepared for frequent number entries. A built-in metal plate keeps the keyboard stable and non-slip on your desk. If you prefer a steeper angle when typing, the angle of inclination of the KC 6000 SLIM FOR MAC can be adjusted with 4 rubber feet supplied. A flexible cable allows connection under the desk. The CHERRY KC 6000 SLIM FOR MAC with silver housing and white keys can be used on all end devices with USB-A connection and MAC OSX operating system.

• Keyboard in chiclet design with Mac layout
• Durable key lettering
• Quick access to 12 frequently used Mac functions
• Compact and slim housing
• Precise scissor mechanism for an ideal operating feeling
• High weight due to integrated metal plate
• Exceptional design with shimmering blue key frame
• Numeric keypad for convenient number input
• Rubber feet for height adjustment for ergonomic writing
• 1.8 m cable with USB connection

Dimensions(WxDxH): 440x130x15mm
Weight: 660g

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