PowerWalker VFI 15000 CPE 3/3 BI, 15000VA, 0,90 OPF, black

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PowerWalker VFI 15000 CPE 3/3 BI, 15000VA, 0,90 OPF, black

The PowerWalker VFI CPE 3/3 series is an economy version of the VFI CP 3/3 series, featuring all the essential characteristics of a professional UPS with slightly reduced backup time. Instead of 20-battery strings, the CPE 3/3 is equipped with 16-battery strings which is still more than enough to provide reliable backup during power failures. In ECO mode the UPS reaches an efficiency of up to 96%. The wide input voltage and frequency ranges allow operation in unstable networks and provide generator support. Multiple accessories, including battery packs and communication cards, enhance the functionality of the UPS and allow a greater backup time. The system can be monitored locally via an LCD panel or remotely via the PowerWalker ViewPower software.

• Generator compatible
• Extendable battery packs available
• Economy version of VFI CP 3/3 series
• 3-stage charging design for optimized battery performance
• Professional three phase solution with best price performance

Dimensions (WxDxH): 250x592x826 mm

Weight: 134 kg

Package Contents: UPS, Manual, Software CD, USB Cable

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