PowerWalker PWALK-0126 SNMP Manager, black

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PowerWalker 10120599 SNMP Manager, black

SNMP Cards offer IP Address and Web Interface for most convenient monitoring. SNMP modules allows remote monitor and manage multiple UPSs from anywhere with internet access. Integrated web access will leverage internet capability of SNMP card to remotely program or shut down UPSs. Equipped with SNMP card, power conditions of all UPSs can be monitored anytime/anywhere even through the UPS units are located in different floors/locations

• SNMP Modul for: VFI 20000-30000-40000 TP 3/3 BX-BE-BI VFI 15000 MP 3/3 VFI 1000-2000-3000 T/E LCD

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