PowerWalker PWALK-0070 UPS, 2000 VA, 4xC13, 0.9 OF, LCD, blac

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PowerWalker 10122042 UPS, 2000 VA, 4xC13, 0.9 OF, LCD, black

The PowerWalker VFI 1000-10000 TG/TGB/TGS offer a professional solution for home and office environment.

The VFI TG/TGB/TGS series are detected as Human Interface Device (HID) Power Device by the internal O/S drivers and can be managed without additional software. It finds its application in all dedicated systems for kiosks, ATMs as well as in high security level systems, where additional software is not allowed (i.e. banking).

• High efficiency results in energy saving with output power factor 0.9
• Human Interface Device (HID) compatible USB connection (no additional drivers needed)
• Wide input voltage range for all environments and support for AC generator
• Available with integrated batteries

Dimensions(BxDxH): 144 x 356 x 229 mm
Weight: 9.3 kg

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